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Welcome, small business owner! I’m so glad you’re here.

Tell me if this sounds like you:

You own your own business which you are very proud of and passionate about. You offer an amazing service or product that you believe in completely. Maybe this is a new business that you’re setting out to launch, or maybe it’s something you’ve been working at for a while, but either way, it’s your baby and you love it. You are committed to seeing it through to success.

But when you started out, you probably looked to cut costs wherever you could. Maybe you chose to do this with your logo, or your website, or even your overall branding strategy. Or maybe you spent good money on these things but your business has evolved and grown and your current branding no longer reflects what you are all about. You worry that when potential customers visit your website, they are turned off or become hesitant to work with you. 

Am I close?

If so, you’ve probably been thinking about taking the leap and finding a graphic design studio that can help you define and realize your branding goals, but you don’t know where to start. Let’s be honest, there are so many designers out there to choose from. But how can you know which one is right for you? It’s completely true that not every designer is a perfect fit for every client. How do you know when you’ve found “the one?”

Here's the thing:

Any designer worth their salt is going to be able to deliver you a logo design and an adequate website. You can run a simple Google search and find someone that fits that bill without too much trouble. But that’s not all you’re looking for. If it was, you’d have hired someone by now.

What you’re really looking for is someone whom you can have total trust in – someone who is a blast to work with and that cares about seeing your business succeed as much as you do. Someone who is going to ask your opinion every step of the way and who isn’t happy until you are ecstatically happy about the results of your work together.

Someone like me!

When you work with me, you will get a beautiful logo and a branding package that suits your business’s exact needs. My design services will ensure that you get a custom, fully-responsive website that will effectively communicate to your ideal customers that you are the answer they have been searching for. And you’ll also get a committed and passionate designer that’s on your team from the start.

You will no longer worry about whether your website is hurting your business, but will confidently give out the web address on your crisp new business cards and eagerly await new customers to come to you. You will rest assured knowing your brand has been built to create an emotional response and capture the attention of your ideal clients. And in the future, when you find you need a brochure designed or quick help resizing your logo for a specific use, you’ll never worry about who to ask for help. With special pricing on future design work for my branding clients and free email support services, I am there for you when you need me.

My Branding Packages Include:

Your brand identity and your website are the most powerful marketing tools at your disposal. Don’t let them hold you back any longer, but let them become the best thing about your marketing strategy. With a professional and well-designed brand identity that consistently tells who you are across all of your various platforms, your potential customer will feel like they know you before they even meet you.

My Branding Process


To start things off, the first thing I will do is send you a branding questionnaire designed to help you get clear on who you are as a company, who your target audience is, and how we can best craft a message that will entice them to your business. After I have received your answers, I will review them and prepare for step two.


We will go over your completed questionnaire and discuss your business and goals in depth. We will also decide which brand package is going to work the best for you and what our timeline will look like. I will answer any questions or concerns you may have, and by the end of our call we will be ready to hit the ground running.


In this next phase, I will complete research on both your target market and your competitors. We’ll discuss how you can stand out from the crowd and what our emotional hook is going to be to get people invested in working with you. Once we are clear on this, I will get started on building out your brand identity. If we’ll be creating a website, at this point I will solidify our sitemap and content strategy, and you’ll begin gathering the copy and photos that you want to use.


The moment you've been waiting for! I will present 3-5 professional brand concepts for your consideration. I recommend sharing with family and friends at this point and making absolute sure you love the concept before we finalize. After you choose the one you want to move forward with, we will likely go through 1-2 rounds of revisions to make sure it's perfect before moving forward.


Now that our overall brand concept has been approved, I will get busy creating all of the deliverables in your branding package. This includes wireframing, designing and developing your website. I will present each piece as it is completed for your input and approval along with my rationale for the design choices I've made. We will work closely throughout this process.


The hard work is behind us and today we launch your new brand identity! I will deliver all the final files to you via email download link. I will assist with choosing a printing service and ordering your fancy new printed materials.If you opted for a website, we’ll set it live. It's a great day to announce your new branding on all of your social media platforms and share your new site’s URL!

What My Clients Think You Should Know

"Danielle has been a dream to work with. She is dependable and incredibly organized, which are key components to be successful as a designer.  She is also very timely, which is a skill that is hard to find in designers. Danielle has the skills and drive necessary to be an asset for any company, and continuously contributes to displaying brands in the best light."


"Working with Beautiful Things Design Studio was the best decision for our website and branding needs!  Danielle is an absolute pleasure to work with, as she is talented, responsive, patient, and professional. The website she created tuned out amazing and is very user friendly. Danielle was able to turn the vision I had for our website and brand into a reality. I would highly recommend Beautiful Things Design for all of your design needs!"


"Danielle is fantastic, easy to work with and extremely fast. I've been working with her off and on for over a year. Every graphics, web or design project I have, she's the first person I reach out to. I highly recommend her. As another small business owner, I'm grateful to have her in my corner."


"Working with Danielle on any project is always an incredible experience. Danielle is a thoughtful and detail oriented designer, often solving problems before they are able to impact the timeline of a delivery. She has outstanding organizational skills and is able to successfully complete multiple tasks despite the pressures of deadlines. Danielle never fails to deliver high quality work or rise to the challenge of a difficult project. She is a fast learner, works incredibly quick and continuously produces strong work. Our clients regularly request that Danielle become their permanent graphic designer. I highly recommend her as a print or web graphic designer."


See My Recent Projects

Maxdon's Pub logo over a photo of their bar's ceiling and lights.Atlantic Trust Mortgage logo over a photo background of the beach.The Run Home 5K logo sponsored by Root Realty in Jacksonville, FL.Greater Good Events logo over a photo of a bride getting out of a car.GBCaba logo over a photo of a horizon at sunset.Vegas Golden Knights logo.


I offer the following four packages for branding clients. However, if you do not see a design service that works for you, please feel free to reach out to me and we can work together to come up with a solution for your specific needs. Websites a la carte are another specialty of mine, so if you already are satisfied with your current branding, I'd still love to help you build a site to fit!

START-up Branding Package


Side-hustlers and small businesses looking to keep start-up costs low who do not need a website.

What's Included:

Basic Branding Package


Businesses needing a more developed brand identity and printed marketing materials.

What's Included:



Businesses who want a full branding package along with a beautiful, customized Squarespace website.

What's Included:



Businesses ready to go all-in – this package includes everything you'll need to get your business up and running with a full branding package and a custom website.

What's Included:


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