Propeller festival logo over a photo of the skyline of Hoboken.Propeller festival logo over a photo of the skyline of Hoboken.

Propeller Festival

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Propeller (now Propelify) is an annual technology and innovation festival in Hoboken, New Jersey. As a Hoboken resident myself, I volunteered to be a part of the event team and helped create as much of the design work as they needed. Their inaugural year in 2016 was a success, with 8,000 attendees, over 80 speakers, and a startup competition hosted by TechStars.


I worked closely with NJ Tech Meetup and Propeller Festival founder Aaron Price over a three-month period on everything from laptop stickers, business cards, flyers, postcards, video ads, lamp post banners, and retractable banners as we ramped up marketing efforts to get the word out to tech disrupters in NJ and NY. Finally, I got to create nearly all of the event signage used the day of, from the step and repeat to the actual stage scrims.


After all of our hard work and coffee-fueled planning sessions, the big day finally arrived. I was there for setup and then worked the Info Booth all day. There is nothing quite like seeing an idea brought to full fruition with the NYC skyline as the backdrop and 8,000 people enjoying something you had such a big hand in bringing to life. Such a fun day!

Both sides of the Propeller Festival postcards for the 2016 festival.
Steve-Strunsky – NJ Advance Media for NJ.com
Event signage in front of the NYC skyline at Propeller Festival 2016 by STEVE-STRUNSKY – NJ ADVANCE MEDIA FOR NJ.COM
Stand-up retractable banner designed for the 2016 Propeller Festival.Propeller Festival 2016 lamp post banner design, the Propeller sticker design, and the event signage on stage.

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